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     Dress made from Japanese Antique KIMONO textiles.


     Title: "Findings in my Mother's Drawers"


  Fascinated with the antique-textiles in my Mother's Drawers,

   I have started remaking of Kimono clothes dresses wears.

  Pieces of antique KIMONO textiles "JIDAIKIRE"breathe again into modern and

  graceful clothes.



 "Mother's chest of drawers" The search for a new mode to which classics tie by

   meeting the” kimono ”that overflows and went out at the present age is borne in mind.

  The” kimono” worn out through the age becomes two or more only straight line cloths

  if it solves it.

  A new conception arises in accepting the state as it is though a lot of restrictions are caused.

     Only one unique clothes are completed in the world enjoying "Design of one

   term meeting".



My Profile:

1948            Born in Tokyo,   Studied at BUNKA FASHION SCHOOL


197080     Designer at SUZUYA CO.LTD(Head Office)




1996            Started  the creation and fabrication of

                   [Remake Clothes with Japanese Antique KIMONO  textiles] with the Brand 



                   Started the Culture School.

                   and the presentation of collection at Gallery

                   and Department store.


2003           Publication of "kinu-awase"   articles photographs

                   by ART BOX INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD


2005           Continue  the presentation for the Monthly Jounal "IKI-IKI"

2007           Exposition at HARAJUKU  Tokyo

2008           Exposition at HARAJUKU  Tokyo

                   Exposition at GINZA         Tokyo


2008           Exposition at  Art Forum Azamino Yokohama

2009           Exposition at Tsukiji Tokyo

2010           Exposition at Tsukiji Tokyo

2010      Moved at  Tama-plaza and opend Gallery & Atelier “KINUAWASE  “     

2011      Exposition at Akasaka Hotel New Ohtani                           

2012      Exposition at Aobadai  Gallery  “Terre et Vie”

                   Exposition  at OAZO   Gallery  “Maruzen”





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